[comics] Grant Morrison at San Deigo Gossip from Rich Johson …

‘…the rumour, mentioned by a slew of people, over the shouting match that went down at San Diego Comic Con between Joe Quesada and Grant Morrison. Or rather from Joe to Grant, one phrase “You owe me!” being the most repeated on the convention floor the day after. Quesada had found out about the DC exclusive deal and he took it out on Grant with expletives that were definitely MAX labelled.

Reports indicate that Grant kind of shut down and went into a mini-coma, but did give out one response “Fuck You, Fuck your company, and Fuck your boss who’s the biggest arsehole I’ve ever met.”‘

Grant Morrison Gossip

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Sounds to me like they were quoting an unfilmed Kevin Smith script at each other.

Am I the only person who thinks exclusive contracts are actually bad for comics. Creator gets signed up for a stretch, probably with some deal to produce X number of comics. The company that signs them has to publish (or maybe they don’t, but they still have to pay), so the creator doesn’t necessarily have to produce work that’s as good. Also, if however many creators are guaranteed to filling so much of the company output, it reduces the need to seek out new talent. It reinforces existing creators as superstars, and in so doing will, I think, inevitably lead to a decline in the number of good comics out there. I could crap on about the parallel with professional wrestling and the changes that happened there when things moved from a pay-by-appearance to guaranteed contract basis, but I think I’ve made my point.

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