[web] Some recent interesting Barbelith threads:

  • Promethea #26‘This issue was ridiculously cool.’
  • Barbelith. (Warren) Ellis. Cameron (Stewart) (and Fatbeards) … ‘ I am using the term “fatbeard” in an inclusive, spread-the-love term, as a reader of comic books myself (a closer reading may have noticed that nobody has actually mentioned liking or disliking particular comic books in this thread yet). As you say, I am posting about comic books on the Internet. I am clearly of the fatbeard nation. I get to use the term, you don’t, to paraphrase Richard Pryor. Except of course you do, because you are also posting about comic books on the Internet.’
  • Sporanos Series 4 Discussion‘A wig!’

Interesting Recent Barbelith Threads

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