[blogs] Beta Standalone Trackback Form — another reason not to listen to the geeky voice at the back of my head telling me blogging would be a lot easier if I upgraded to Movable Type … ‘This form can be used to send a trackback ping to any blog that accepts Trackbacks. You do not need to have a Trackback system on your blog to send pings.’ [Related: Simpletracks | via Anil’s Daily Links]

Beta Trackback for non-MT Blogs

This entry was posted on Sunday, June 15th, 2003 at 11:27 am and is filed under Blogs.

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Join us, Darren. Join us in the fuuuuutuuuuure…………

Listen to the voices in your head! And in your comments! Switch to Movable Type!

Switch to MT Darren, it’s the bogs dollocks of blogging. It’s even better if you have your own server, but any host worth their salt will let you install it. And then it’s just a pure dream to use…

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