I’ve been thinking about underpants lately … How many pairs of Underpants should a man own? Is 14 too many or too few? How many pairs of Underpants do you have? Tell Me.

Underpant Ownership Anxiety

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Er, it depends on how often you do your washing.

i dunno… they are strewn accross three locations and two countries. and it depends if you include the frilly ones!

I’m just interested in the average number of pants you may own. Not the ratio of washed vs unwashed — however you can share that if you want! :)

Oh, alright then. I have about 12 pairs of boxer shorts.

This is interesting to me. For the record I own 14 pairs of Boxers. Mostly washed.

I’d have to check. At least 12, probably nearer 15. But only wearing one pair today.

about 14. two weeks worth is the right amount for when you need to go on holiday for 2 weeks and not do any washing

Just counted (which is sad) and 33 but two of those do have a rip in a very embarassing place (ahem). My mum before she went away made sure I had all the essentials, underwear being one of those things.

Just the one pair. But they’re very lucky indeed.
Go on then, why?

I reckon about 12. I would have more, but I keep giving them away to charitable causes. Or using them as dusters.

14 strikes me as a sensible yet uneconomical number. I buy undercrackers in packs of three, therefore I have 15. Also 15 pairs of identical socks.

Ten to fifteen I would imagine. Interesting that these things are not discussed. There should be a survey and a booklet of ‘life essentials’ including things like, “most men have around 12 pairs of underwear and twenty pairs of socks”. Really useful.

I would concur with the general consensus that fourteen underpants is about the right number to have. I don’t think you can really have too many. Too few means more frequent washing, but as long as you have adequate storage, why not fill every available space in the house with panys, pants and more pants? Variety is the spice of life.

Too many underpants leads to a lazy attitude in laundry and grooming – if you don’t HAVE to do some washing to get clean pants, you can always wear that horrible t-shirt from the back of the cupboard that you won in a pub quiz, and before you know it you’re drinking everything out of a paper bag. Fourteen pairs is enough to eke out a fortnightly Going To The Launderette Routine if you have to, and provides just enough choice and luxury if you’ve got your own washing machine. Fourteen!

I reckon about 7 – that’s not necessarily one for every day of the week – if you can take a pair off, throw it at the wall and they don’t stick they’re still good for another day!

Check my site!! Cheers

Around 20, including the ones that have gone all saggy-baggy. I don’t wear them any more, but I haven’t thrown ’em out either. I know not why.

I think I must have about a month’s supply as long as the month’s February. This hoarding of washing is for environmental concerns, not because I’m lazy, honest :-0

I’ve only got about 7 or 8 pairs, which seems like a perfectly fine number. Why have you all got so many?

I’d guess at around 12 pairs, but I’ve never actually counted them. I’m strange like that.

I have 40 pairs of boxer shorts and no pants

I don’t wear pants (what with being a girl and all) but I own about 40-50 pairs of knickers (I’m pants at keeping up to date with my washing). Half of them are thongs though, which I very, very rarely wear, what with them being about a comfortable as flossing one’s arse (not that I’ve ever tried to floss my arse, but I can’t imagine it wouldn’t be terribly comfortable) and I, personally, don’t much like the way they look either. They don’t leave an awful lot to the imagination.

Yeah, two weeks worth should run you. I have something like that.

This should have been an online survey with bar charts and pie charts and little boxer/brief icons.

That reminds me of an old Aggie joke:

An Aggie walks into a department store and asks the salesclerk for seven pairs of underwear. “Seven pairs?” she asks. “I think that’s right,” says the Aggie as he starts counting on his fingers. “Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…”

A while later another Aggie walks into the same department store and asks the salesclerk for twelve pairs of underwear. “Twelve pairs?” asks the salesclerk. “I think that’s right,” replies the Aggie, “January, February, March…”

I think this is a rude question.Anything that covers bottoms should not be discussed in the public domain.
But my favourites are the Rogan Josh flavoured ones.I smell them regularly and make my wife smell them when she has transgressed.

I think I have roughly (literally) 10 pairs of yer boxer variety. Again, in common with many responders here I suffer gusset rippage, at a rate of about 25%.

One pair. But I don’t generally wear underwear, it’s some kind of pseudo-capitalist government-backed conspiracy I’m sure.

I have about a dozen, but only about seven or so decent ones. They work in the same manner as sedimentary rocks. Should wash day be delayed we move down through the years to older pants. Normally this shouldn’t happen, but it’s always good to have a backup.

I have exactly a grand total of 8 pairs of boxer shorts. One for each day of the week and one for emergencies. You know the type I mean… ;o)

If i run out, i just go commando.

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