[blogs] Mission Fullfilled — Warbloggers feel sad and unsatisfied after wargasm … ‘I myself did notice something rather odd about a week after combat ended in Iraq. I was relieved that we finally attacked, and even more relieved that the war was quick and that our military suffered as few casualties as they did in winning it. But I also felt, oddly, a kind of let-down, an emptiness, something missing.’

Warbloggers Suffer Post-Wargasm Depression

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Relieved that their military suffered few casualties, but perhaps less proud that they killed so many of their allies through sheer incompetence.

The war bloggers are “rudderless” because they abandoned the Constitution, international law, decades-old established foreign policy, and basic morality to back a regime (BusshCo) that, inspired by greed, offers no system of guidance and no evidence of direction. Many of the pro-war crowd even turned their backs on their religious beliefs in order to be “patriots.” Reading Matthew 25, I wonder how Jesus would feel about their chosen course. I doubt he’d be at the helm.

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