[iraq] Salam’s Story — the Guardian interviews Salam Pax ahead of them publishing his new fortnightly column. ‘…in the final weeks before the impending conflict, he became increasingly anxious that the men of the Mukhabarat, the feared Iraqi intelligence agency, were on to him. “They were not only paranoid, they were going crazy,” he says. At one point the regime blocked access to the website on which he was posting his writing, “There was the possibility that they knew. I spent a couple of days thinking this is the end. And then you wait for a couple of days and nothing happens and you say, ‘OK, let’s do it again.’ Stupid risks, one after another.”‘

The Guardian interviews the Baghdad Blogger

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So how long before we see ‘Salam Pax – The Movie’? Who will pay him, I wonder?

More seriously, whilst I was inclined to believe he was exactly who he said he was, two of the contributors to the group blog I manage grew up under totalitarian regimes and said he ‘rang true’ to them. I saw one quite literally gasp when she read a line he wrote a few months back, nodding that she knew exactly what he meant.

I think Salam Pax is missing a big sponsorship opportunity. After all, it does rhyme with Tampax. Almost.

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