[bb4] Big Brother 4 has started. I’ve already been sucked back in (I am weak!). Any First Impressions?

  • Official Big Brother Site‘Anouska was more hurt than she was letting on. “Whatever we’ve done in the last hour,” she told Scott, “has irritated someone in some way. “The last hour I’ve been me,” she went on, “Give a s**t! Give-a-s**t! Where’s my wine, Goddamit!” she finished, marching off towards the kitchen.’
  • Big Bro 4 — Unofficial site … ‘Todays top headline: the victims enter the house’
  • Big Brother’s not-so-dirty dozen — BBC News Report … ‘”Have you seen her bum?”, screamed Davina McCall as Anouska tottered into the house on her heels. And with that, the tone for this year’s Big Brother was set…’
  • Diamond Geezer: ‘It’s back. 64 days of meaningless addiction. Excellent.’
  • Barbelith on BB4: ‘…Cameron, the happy clappy Bappy that deserves a slappy.’

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