[war] War Porn — interesting article about the portrayal of War on television and the press … Krista Cowman: ‘Boys are both innately and through programming turned into obsessive collecting from an early age. My son collects Digimon cards at the moment; my husband, though an early modernist, has an anal obsession over first-world-war aircraft. It’s about categorising and sorting; it’s about the way the sexes communicate. Girls talk about their hopes and dreams and fears; boys communicate through the swapping of lists and football cards.’

The Guardian on the Pornography of War

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“god gave men brains larger than dogs, so they would not hump womans legs at cocktail parties.” RL

Oh, c’mon — surely you’ve run into obsessive collectors who were women. Who do you think they sell all those $100 special edition Barbies to? And all that Hummel crap?

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