[tech] How to Make Real One Behave Nicely — a software engineer from Real explains how to make the Real One media player install with sensible default settings … ‘First, regarding the well known bad behavior of older players: Yes, we know! and as developers we were embarrassed. But things have changed. Everybody has realized there are very strong negative feelings about this behavior, and we really want to improve. In that respect, the latest RealOne V2 is better than older RealPlayers, and on OS X, it’s downright wonderful. On Windows you still have to do the following, which isn’t too bad, but still could have been better…’

How To Install Real One Nicely

This entry was posted on Thursday, March 13th, 2003 at 4:30 pm and is filed under Tech, Windows.

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still, thankfully, free of the real one menace here: real 8 seems to do the job nicely and it even does all the helix stuff now that it has downloaded the codec &c automatically… as for any site that insists on real one to see their content, they can take a hike as far as my viewing is concerned! i woner how long that will last?

in related news, media player classic is not realk but supports real, if you see what i mean!

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