[blog] Blimey! LMG is Three Years Old! It all began with a quote (very apt) …

‘I’ve done questionable things.’ — Roy Batty.

El Em Gee is Three

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Happy anniversary!

Three years! I remember the day I stumbled across this site, not long after you started it. I’d never heard the word ‘weblog’ before. I wonder how many hours have been wasted since then…

…And still going strong. I started mine just a few months before. It’s interesting to see what the first thing a weblog links to. I was linking to things link jennicam and robotwisdom. Times change.

Congratulations Darren!

yesm, but also!

“I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe.” — Roy Batty.

“The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long – and you have burned so very, very brightly, Roy.” — Tyrell.

keep on burnin’ :D

Happy Birthday, LMG! As I’ve said before, back in the days when I posted links, if it hadn’t been for LMG I would have had to go out and look for them myself. Far too much like hard work. Consistently interesting and thought-provoking, and a must-read every day. (I still don’t *get* the comics stuff though). :-)


congrats Darrren! I’ll reach that landmark myself quite soon.

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