[tv] Chris Morris: the Movie — rare interview with “Britain’s greatest contemporary satirist”… On his BAFTA nomination: ‘Morris is even unsure whether or not to attend Sunday night’s Bafta bash. He hasn’t received his invitation yet, and doesn’t know if he’ll have to part with any money. Then there is the obvious fear of terrorist attack. “Just imagine if there was a similar situation to that siege in the Moscow theatre,” he moans, voice dripping with sarcasm. “Just think of it. All those celebrities, held inside at gunpoint. The looks on their faces. Wouldn’t that be terrible?” A moment later he has strolled off on a tangent. “It would be the perfect opportunity, though. I thought about this after the tragic death of Jill Dando, when they believed that she might have been killed by a Serbian agent. [I thought that] if a terrorist organisation wanted to knock out the moral compass of Britain, all they’d have to do is to kill 100 celebrities at random. The entire country would have an instant nervous breakdown.”‘

Interview with Chris Morris

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“Britain’s greatest contemporary satirist”
Really? Because I always thought there should be some aspect of humour in quality satire, and there’s none in Chris Morris’ work – only the usual cruel Oxbridge snobbery.

Won’t be going to see this one LMG!

Feeding the trolls, I know, but… you *honestly* don’t find Brass Eye, The Day Today, Jam (JAAAAM), Blue Jam or On The Hour funny? At all? Not even a little bit? Also, you didn’t actually put in the effort to read the article, did you?

Having received my copy this morning, and watched it while eating my breakfast, I can say that I find My Wrongs… to be quite entertaining, and certainly unique, with some notable use of the surround channels. I’ve not used the extras yet (‘anyone who lists these should be boiled’).

I thought My Wrongs was okay… but to be honest, there was another short film, Bouncer, which was up for the Bafta that Chris Morris eventually won. I thought that was better, and didn’t have the ‘ooh, it’s Chris Morris’ factor.

I think he’s funny, sometimes. Certainly Brass Eye does a great job of satirising the media: I’m certainly not sure I see the ‘usual cruel Oxbridge snobbery’ in his attacks on the self-obsessed media.

Chris Morris didn’t go to Oxbridge, actually

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