[blogs] More Google Buys Blogger Linkage:

  • Ev: ‘Everyone got quiet for a second while they read “Google buys Pyra.” Doc said “holy shit.” It was the coolest culmination and synchronicity, wirelessness, and instantaneous publishing.’
  • Live from the Blogosphere Transcript: ‘one more thing — Ev — GOOGLE BUYS PYRA!!!! BLOGGING GOES BIGTIME HOLY SHIT!!!!’
  • Kottke: ‘It reminds me of the Netscape IPO. At the time, Netscape had a ton of good will from its users: it was good, it was free, people loved using it because it gave them access a global network of people and information…’
  • Mena Trott: ‘To truly integrate weblog metadata, Google needs to expand that content base. And in fact, Google’s acquisition of Deja, and subsequent creation of Google Groups, may provide a model for that: When Google acquired Deja, they only got access to about 6 years of Usenet history. But with the help of Usenet archivists they were able to piece together the entire history back to 1981.’
  • Guardian — Google gets Blogger and better: ‘Google has bought Blogger. Forget those peace protests around the world on Saturday: there is nothing more interesting to the weblog community than the weblog community, and this was the news of the weekend.’

Google Buys Blogger Linkage II

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I’ve read endless paragraphs of blather of pros/cons of Google buying Pyra. For the life of me, I can’t figure out what Google gets out of it. How are they going to make money off of this?

The giddy utopian fawning is getting a bit silly and I wonder if the hangover is right around the corner. It seems like much ado about nothing, except for the webloggers who are constantly looking for some form of external validation. ;)

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