[shuttle] ‘I knew what was about to happen’ — two NASA engineers describe the “inside story” behind the Challenger Shuttle Disaster in 1986 … ‘When the clock reached T minus five seconds the two engineers held hands and braced themselves for an explosion. But to their immense relief Challenger cleared the launch pad. “I turned to Bob and said ‘we’ve just dodged a bullet,’ because it was our expectation it would blow up on the pad.” The two men began to relax. But then, at 73 seconds, the heart-stopping plume of white smoke suddenly filled the screen.’

Inside Story on ’86 Shuttle Disaster

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Wow, I found that really interesting. I’ve never even heard it suggested or mentioned before that the disaster was a result of incompetence / complacency / etc… I wonder if the Columbia disaster will ever be shown to have a similar cause.

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