[comics] When Grant Morrison had hair… (click image to enlarge) …

Grant Morrison in 1990 by Steve Yeowell

‘It was great […] I got to do the Flash. The real Flash, not this abomination that’s running around today. One of the most exciting moments of my entire life, believe it or not, was writing the sequence where Barry Allen presses his ring and the costume leaps out. When I wrote that I was sitting there all charged up with adrenalin. I suppose that just shows how sheltered a life I’ve led.’

Grant Morrison by Steve Yeowell

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Sigh. When is someone going to collect The New Adventures of Hitler? (I do have it myself, but still…)

Now the angry kids of the British invasion are firmly in middle age, I wonder if some comparison photos should be put up somewhere. Neil Gaiman, for example, hasn’t changed at all.

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