[comics] Fans Howl in Protest as Judge Decides X-Men Aren’t Human — the X-Men are apparently “nonhuman creatures” according to a Judge in New York … ‘To Brian Wilkinson, editor of the online site X-Fan (, Marvel’s argument is appalling. The X-Men — mere creatures? “This is almost unthinkable,” he says. “Marvel’s super heroes are supposed to be as human as you or I. They live in New York. They have families and go to work. And now they’re no longer human?”‘ [via Pete and Pelvey]

The X-Men are Non-human Creatures

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I think he might have a point.

The X-Men cannot be adequately described as ‘human’, they’re not like other human beings, so that makes them different from us.

If they’re different from other humans, they can’t be refered to as human.

So what do we call them then?

Inhumans? Metahumans? Mutants?

Certainly, they can’t be described as ‘human’, but I wouldn’t say they were ‘mere creatures’ – although the definition of ‘creature’ is a living being, something created, like humans.

I guess in that respect, we’re all creatures – even the X-Men.

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