[web] With Friends Like These — Rod Liddle on Friends Reunited‘The long, intervening years since school are assumed to have overlaid a gloss of civility, nostalgia and affection but, really, they haven’t. Radgey: you can sod right off, you little thug. So can the snivelling, boring, fat boy who, in a physics class in 1976, we wired up to the mains using crocodile clips. Zzzzapp! They have photos at Friends Reunited and he is still fat. And snivelling and boring, too. He communicated with me, the fat boy, in the manner of a much-loved, long-lost friend. But really he was just curious to see whether I was in prison yet.’

Friends Reunited is Evil

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I couldn’t agree more.

I can’t stand Friends Reunited.

If the people on there had friends in the first place, they wouldn’t need a website to get in touch with them.

When the phenomenon first hit, I went along out of curiosity, and found nothing but a collection of the saddest, lonliest people I had spent my entire time at school with.

Most of them seem intent on proving a rather moot point, that they have succeded beyond the expectations of their school peers, or that they’ve bettered others in some strange way by learning how to navigate what is essentially a poorly-designed website and fill out the obligatory “I’ve got a degree now” details.

Hey that bit with the crocodile clips … reminds me – of this kid who (was supposed to be kinda like me and..) stayed behind in the physicls lab to do stuff, and once, he got this kid to sit down, put carbon rods in his ears … er, wired to a mains plug

click… dropp !

“Oooh – you’ve killed him .. see ya !” as his friends left the room.

er, he DID regain conciousness – but what with the disorientation (temporary memory loss – I guess anyone who’s had EST/ECT could tell you ?) well, he comes round on the floor of the lab – and no-one dare tell him what happened

(PS I havent got a degree now either !)

I just mention this in case Rod Little was the guilty party – in which case it would be a case of Friends united – well, almost !

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