[comics] Time’s rates the Best Comics of 2002‘Eightball #22. This single, self-contained issue of his regular series Eightball finds inspiration in the style of filmmaker Robert Altman. Its 29 shorts range in length from a single strip to several pages; each one works alone as well as with the others, weaving multiple characters and multiple stories into one cohesive whole.’

Time’s Comics of the Year

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They always have a really good selection in Time, though this time around they seem to have a lot of stuff that’s been reprinted rather than actual new releases. btw, the Debbie Dreschler book is great, but something of a curio, really. The original series was, as described in the abstract of the review, done in woodsy tones, which D&Q didn’t repeat when they collected it, instead printing it in lurid green and purple. It looks like someone at the printers put too much magenta and cyan and not enough yellow into the mix! Big shame, it’s a great piece of work, but works much better rendered more subtly. Everyone should still read it, though!

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