[distraction] Atari Adventure — my favourite 2600 game gets a Flash Conversion. [via Metafilter]

Yorgle, Rhindle and Grindle

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Bah, I can’t get those first two keys and I don’t know what the horseshoe thing is for and I can’t find a sword and I can’t do it and I hate it so there.

Gizza clue?

Okay, so I’ve figured out how to kill the dragons and open the castles and I’m starting to think this is fun and I get the chalice and take it back to the gold castle and… it’s all over. Is that is? The map (via mefi ) implies otherwise. I’ve ‘completed’ it twice in 20 minutes. And there’s still the horseshoe…

The flash version of the game only seems to have the first level of the game — there are 4 levels which include bigger, harder mazes and more rooms. The dragons get more aggressive as well.

To play the game on a modern PC you need:

* Stella for PC or
* Stella for Mac and
* Adventure Rom (the actual game)

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