[politics] The Friendly Dictators — political Trading Cards richly illustrated by Bill Sienkiewicz and originally published by Eclipse in 1990 … [via jwz’s LiveJournal]

Friendly Dictator --  Augusto Pinochet

‘…”Captain General” Augusto Pinochet seized power from democratically elected President Salvador Allende in 1973, and buried Chile’s 150 year old democracy. “Democracy is the breeding ground of communism,” says Pinochet.’

Friendly Dictators

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I’m sorry to tell you that you’re on a HUGE mistake, first, Allende was designated president by the congress, he never got majority after elections, and draw Chile to an abyss of misery and chaos, The congress asked armed forces to make the coup, then Pinochet becomes president.
Before write stuu, learn!!

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