[science] You Ask The Questions — Robert Winston‘Q: Is it true that your new series, ‘Human Instinct’, is going to explain — scientifically — why men have the urge to cheat on their partners? A: Well, the accompanying book goes into more detail. It’s because a woman’s egg is much more precious — she only produces one so it’s a huge investment. While the man produces millions of sperm that he can spread around. In the programme, we go round a university quad with a male and a female wearing a hidden camera asking the students whether they’ll sleep with them that night. All the women shy off immediately. And all the men look at their watches and say, “Yes, I’m free at 8.30”! It’s quite an important scientific point.’

An Important Scientific Point…

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Hm, he gave precisely the same interview on BBC London last week, word for word. We should heckle him! Gerroff, Prof Winston –get some new material!

What he doesn’t say is that the bloke they used was a complete biffer.
Now, if they had used *me* for this experiment, the results would have been entirely different.


You probably want to get that cough seen to.

You mean that ‘proves’ something about women and fertility? Or that they don’t trust strange blokes on the pull?

I don’t think it ‘proves’ anything. I was amused by Winston’s comment about it being quite an important scientific point.

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