[comics] Speaking with Frank Miller — First part of a Pulse Interview … On his reaction to 9/11: ‘I threw out all my notes for future stories. I started developing new ones. Being an obvious person, I had terrorists as villains in every one of them and I’m working on those stories right now. I feel like people talking about getting over 9/11 or moving along and so on, and I’m like yeah yeah, just like Jack Kirby got over Pearl Harbor. It ain’t gonna happen. This is my story now. And maybe for the rest of my life. It may be. I don’t know. It’s what I’m pursuing in every story now. I feel like my world has been reconfigured. I’m at the peak of my powers and talent, and I’m going to address this because every other story seems so tiny and out of it.’

Frank Miller Interview

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Everything he does from now on will be about 9-11? oh. My. God.

What’s worse is that he will be using Batman …

‘I’m processing. I’ve got story ideas, they’re coming along nicely, and I’m giving myself a good long break. I’ve got an unusual opportunity to use certain cultural icons in the current “struggle”. I resist the world “war” because it’s being used so loosely now. But…yeah I’ll do something with Batman. That will be fun. I’ll aim him at these bastards.’

I know! That’s just the part I was talking about! He’s flipped. I should admit at this time that I’ve never been a huge fan of his anyway, though it’s cool that he still supports the smallpressers and there’s no denying his contribution to comics — up until now, anyway.

oh god, he has finally lost it. damn shame. maybe one day he will wake up and realise that the world DID NOT change on that day.

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