[tv] A Star in Geek’s Clothing — profile of Mackenzie Crook (Gareth from The Office) … ‘Crook modestly plays down his character’s part in the second series — “Gareth would be happy with the status quo and so it’s right that he doesn’t develop as much as other characters” — and then lets slip a storyline development that will surely cause many guffaws (as well buttock-clenching moments of embarrassment) this time around. “He becomes a bit of a ladies’ man — women I’m sure he meets down Chasers nightclub — and the others wonder if he’s making it up. It’s excruciating but there are poignant moments as well.”‘

Mackenzie Crook Profile

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No mention of his role in the forthcoming “Goths”?,11710,795915,00.html

“Two of them actually have tattoos that simply read ‘Individual’ and one of them, played by the excellent Mackenzie Crook (The Office’s Gareth Keenan), blows every chance he has with girls by informing them that he is a bona de vampire.”

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