[web] Engine Trouble — profile of Google covering the block by China‘Google knows things. Not only does it index more of the web than any of its competitors, offering makeshift translations of pages between languages – it remembers, too. The company archives millions of web pages on its own computers, giving them a life beyond their creators, which provides another potential motive for the Chinese block: even if the computer hosting a Falun Gong website is seized and destroyed, the page persists in Google’s collective memory. In 2001, Google bought the rights to thousands of old postings on the Usenet system on online message boards. They are now catalogued on its database, and your past obsessions with Dungeons and Dragons or ornithology cannot be erased’

Google Profile

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it turns out it wasn’t actually blocked, just wide spread router troubles in china.

Yeah, sure, that’s what they all say. Did you check the core body temperature of the throwdown squirrel to be sure it didn’t come straight from the fridge? (What would the router equivalent of a throwdown squirrel be, anyway? A new hire from Kalimaantaan province?)

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