[blogs] Best British Blogs — I’ve entered, by the way but I’d probably put money on Troubled Diva winning it. Tom, meanwhile, has come up with this:

Plasticbag, Best British Blogs and a Prediction

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and i was just saying in passing to one of the judges that you or Plep got my vote…


(wow! is it really a year since I updated bollogs?!)

Don’t Forget Sore Eyes and Parallax View. Viva UK Link Bloggers! :) Other bloggers have mentioned Sashinka and Interconnected as possible winners and like I said I think Troubled Diva will win it. Anyway, It’ll be interesting to find out who Anita Roddick and Alan Rusbridger’s favourite blog

[opens and shuts mouth repeatedly in dumbstruck stupefaction…]

Aw shucks. You’ve made me blush…

I haven’t been keeping track of who has and hasn’t entered, but even if I had entered Sore Eyes I don’t for a second imagine that it’d be in with a chance. First of all, I don’t think the panel the Guardian has assembled will pick a link-heavy/comment-light weblog – I think the more journal/diary-style weblogs, and particularly those that aren’t of a noticeably techie bent, are going to be the front runners for an award aimed at introducing weblogs to a wider audience. Secondly, even if the Guardian’s panel were inclined to pick a link-heavy weblog I think there are much better examples around than Sore Eyes. (Not least linkmachinego.)

I agree that Sashinka is in with a strong chance, and I also think that mad musings of me might be a contender.

So many people reckon Sasha is going to win, that I’ll give her a tenner from the cash when I walk off with the prize, just so she doesn’t feel so bad.

Seriously, I would have put Vaughan down as a dead cert, but he hasn’t entered. I think we will probably collectively go “who??” when the winner is revealed to be an “outsider”.

first time I’ve been called an “insider” in my life. That ten quid’ll go a long way, Graybo.

My money would *unquestionably* have been on Meg, but she hasn’t entered, right?

I really do hope that the winner is someone that nobody reading this has ever heard of.

I really hope the winner is someone who doesn’t end up being intimidated by success or expectation or the snide remarks of those that didn’t win, and therefore ends up quitting three months down the line.

I also hope that the person who wins doesn’t struggle with suddenly having to blog for an audience – because even if they never have before, with the cachet of being the Best-British-Blog-according-to-the-Guardian’s-panel-of-judges and a big fat link from the paper’s site, plus buzz from all those who entered and didn’t win, I imagine it’s going to be jolly difficult *not* to take the audience into consideration.

After all, there’s nothing more likely to make you run out of things to say than having a microphone shoved under your nose and a spotlight turned on you.

I also hope that the winner is able to use the £1000 bounty to pick up their extra bandwidth bill.

good point, Meg – free hosting should be partof the prize!

What, Graybo? Me? Really? Seriously, if I had entered, I really don’t think it would have been me. And seriously too, I honestly don’t think I could live with the publicity – while I like having readers, I get decidedly uncomfortable with the idea of having *too many* readers. Oh, and not to mention the fact that my weblog hasn’t exactly been *my own* for the past couple of weeks, so it would hardly be a fair judgment :-)

Personally I’d have loved the publicity! I’ve got no problem with publicity per se, I’d just rather not get in this way… You know? Just something about the way this thing has been assembled strikes me as a bit tacky. Still – that’s not a comment on the people who have decided to enter… Good on them, and good luck to all! I’m holding my fingers crossed that Matt Webb will win, but I’m not going to bet the farm on it. Again – good luck to all… If nothing else the whole thing has made the summer more interesting, and forced me to actually take a position on something…

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