[comics] has some great interviews with the creators who have worked on Daredevil notably Bill Sienkiewicz, Ann Nocenti, D.G. Chichester, Scott McDaniel and Kevin Smith … Sienkiewicz on Frank Miller and Elektra: ‘It was like jazz. Frank and I riffed off each other. For example, the character of Garrett in Elektra: Assassin was supposed to be killed at the end of the second issue. When Frank saw what I came up with, he decided Garrett was too good visually to die just yet. Thing is, Frank’s writing really inspired me to play and to take chances, so if he felt he got anything decent from me, it was as a result of getting gold from him. Frank’s keen on letting creative collaborations breathe. That’s part of his brilliance.’ – a website about Daredevil

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WTF? Garrett was supposed to be killed off in issue two?! How could they even think such a thing! He’s the greatest supporting character in comics EVER.

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