[film] Why Does Everyone Want To Get Into Bed With Him? — profile of Mike Myers … ‘The Austin Powers films do contain some fine things. The opening sequence of the first film, in which Myers, resplendent in frilly collar, jives through a blatantly fake swingin’ London, pursued by crowds of adoring females, is pure delight; and if nothing else, he deserves credit for pulling off the unlikely feat of turning Liz Hurley into a plausible representative of sexual puritanism and female equality. But there is little quality control; Powers picking up a stool sample in mistake for a coffee pot and saying ‘This coffee smells like shit’? gives a new significance to the fact that he listed Some Mothers Do’ Ave’ Em and On the Buses as great British comedies.’

Profile of Mike Myers

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Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em was a great, British comedy!

=v= For me, the big scoop in this article is the fact that Myers got into college with an essay titled, “Joseph Campbell’s Cosmogenic Monomyth Cycle and The Spy Who Loved Me.”

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