[tv] Big Brother, Where Art Thou? — comment on the success of Big Brother 3. More people are watching it but the media frenzy around it has died down … Peter Bazalgette: ‘Big Brother has moved out into populist television. You can’t read the runes after one set of viewing figures but if – and I stress if – we have reached the so-called ‘tipping point’ of the show [Malcolm Gladwell’s description for ‘that moment in an epidemic when a virus reaches critical mass’], we will now start to hear negative remarks from the people who originally lauded it for being a cult revelation.’

The Guardian on the sucess of Big Brother

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Ah, just noted Andrew Neill on “Breakfast with Frost” , when asked “What about Big Brother then?” said something along the lines of “….and that’s the result of 150 years of free education for all?!” (can’t remember exactly cos I was blogging at the time). Anyway, my point is: was he describing the “inmates” or the production team?

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