[comics] Gibbons Puts Two Hats On — Dave Gibbons is doing a new Graphic Novel for Vertigo called “The Originals”. The preview art looks incredible …

Gibbons: ‘If I was going to spend a year or more on a single project, it was going to have to be something I had a real emotional investment in, something that related to the real world I’ve lived in. Not a science fiction story, although The Originals is not set in mundane reality. Not a tedious real-life autobiography or a thinly disguised philosophical treatise, but a piece that communicated aspects of life that had been overpoweringly important to me when I was growing up.’ [via Barbelith]

Dave Gibbon’s The Originals

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i think you’ll find that his full and proper name is Dave “Watchmen” Gibbons. and not just on Earth-Dave, either!

Round my way he’s known as Dave “Big E” Gibbons — but that is something he probably wants to forget about. :)

heh. it was just a running joke at comics2002 that he was introduced as dave “watchmen” gibbons every single time, like as if people wouldn’t know who he was otherwise…

and joey the Q is now known as joey “two pizzas” quesada…

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