[books] White Frights — extracts from Michael Moore’s book Stupid White Men‘Yet as I look back on my life, a strange but unmistakable pattern seems to emerge. Every person who has ever harmed me in my lifetime – the boss who fired me, the teacher who flunked me, the principal who punished me, the kid who hit me in the eye with a rock, the executive who didn’t renew TV Nation, the guy who was stalking me for three years, the accountant who double-paid my taxes, the drunk who smashed into me, the burglar who stole my stereo, the contractor who overcharged me, the girlfriend who left me, the next girlfriend who left even sooner, the person in the office who stole cheques from my chequebook and wrote them out to himself for a total of $16,000 – every one of these individuals has been a white person. Coincidence? I think not.’

Book Extracts from Michael Moore’s Stupid White Men

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Same here – every bad thing that’s ever happened to me has been by a white person. Of course, I don’t know any “black” people well enough for them to hurt me. I wonder if Moore does?

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