[comics] The Ultimate Writer — Sequential Tart interview with Mark Millar … How to “save” comics: ‘The formula is very simple and was utilized in microcosm in Marvel Knights; the best writer and the best artist you can find on a character and the audience will seek them out. This was then applied to the Marvel Universe itself and created the beginnings of the new boom we’re looking at. DC will hopefully follow the trend and add their considerable marketing and retail muscle to the boom. I don’t know if it’ll happen under the current administration, but history has a habit of sweeping aside anyone who’s standing still.’

Mark Millar Interview

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The Ultimates — I can’t believe I’m actually *enjoying* an Avengers comic…

Bad Darren! Bad, bad Darren!

I can’t believe I’m almost exclusively buying Marvel stuff these daya. How times have changed…

I blame Brian Michael Bendis! And my latent fanboy regard for John Romita Jr. I’m reading Spiderman again. What next… West Coast Avengers?! :)

i’m still out of the loop on marvel. my flatmate buys the morrison and milligan stuff, and loads of people are telling me to read the bendis stuff, but i’m not at all familiar with the marvel universe, so i dunno where to start…

not that i don’t already spend horrid amounts on comics anyway….

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