[books] More, Now, Again — book extract. This time Elizabeth Wurtzel is on Ritalin… ‘Dr Singer suggests that I try cutting the pills in half with a sharp knife. So I get out a steak knife and cut a Ritalin pill in half. This is harder to do than I might have guessed, and it just splits into little pieces, crumbles like a biscuit, with powdery flakes all over the place. Eureka! Why had I not thought of this sooner? I swallow a couple of the chunks with water like I normally would, and the rest I chop up into even finer bits. I press on them with the knife and break them down until they’re a white powder. I snort up the Ritalin. It scratches and burns my nostrils a little bit, but it’s not too bad. And then I feel a tiny rush in my brain.’

More, Now, Again Book Extracts

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Elizabeth Wurtzel is just *great*, isn’t she? She’s got her whole literary career sorted now – get a new drug, write a new book. I think she ought to start branding them though, in the style of a particular refrigerated product. In other words, she could have called this book ‘I Can’t Believe It’s Not Ritalin’, and then the sequel – ‘I’m Completely Gobsmacked That This Isn’t Paroxetine’

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