[comics] What’s Your Comic Book Ideology? Mine Were: ‘#1 Dave Sim. #2 Steven Grant. # 3 Warren Ellis. # 4 Gary Groth. # 5 Scott McCloud. # 6 Neil Gaiman. # 7 Stan Lee. # 8 Grant Morrison. # 9 Kevin Smith. # 10 Joe Quesada/Bill Jemas.’ [via WEF]

What’s Your Comic Book Ideology?

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So basically I’m an elitist fatbeard misogynist? Shit.

Steven Grant came out number one for me. You don’t know how depressing I find that.

Steven Grant, then Warren Ellis. Sadly I am so unfatbeardy that I have no idea who Steven Grant is.

Hey ho.

Darren – no you’re not. And if any life-sucking voids try to tell you you are, just give them the physical chastisement they obviously need.

Awesome link. I’m snagging it for my own weblog. I got Stan Lee. You don’t know how validating I find that. :)

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