[wtf?!] The Heroes in Spandex Gallery!‘Everybody likes to dress up in costume, especially if there’s lots of spandex and superheroes involved! This is the place to show the world your new outfit! ‘ [via Metafilter]

Man dressed as Daredevil

The Heroes in Spandex Gallery!

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Good Lord! -choke!-

“spiderman, deep in thought”…uh, ohhkaaay.

i think the people in the pic of “batman surrounded by supervillains” were at san diego con the summer before last. mind you, a LOT of people were dressed up in spandex then. baaad idea, mostly. (it was worse at dragon*con, though. atlanta in july: 80+% humidity, 80+ degrees, spandex and latex and klingon outfits are a reeeeeaaally bad idea. pongo!)

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