[books] Epic children’s book takes Whitbread — Philip Pullman wins the Book of the Year Award … ‘He admitted that the judges fretted about giving the £25,000 top award to a children’s book. “If I am honest, the wind was against Pullman at the very beginning. We did worry about giving such a literary prize to a children’s book, but then we thought of CS Lewis and that was that.” The comparison with Lewis and his Narnia books has been often made of Pullman, who has never shied from tackling the big issues of love, belief and death.’ [Related: Extact from The Amber Spyglass]

Philip Pullman wins the Book of the Year Award

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kinda weird: earlier today i was looking for this scene in cryptonomicon that takes place in pullman, washington and kept on getting these references to philip pullman. i’d never heard of him before and then i came here…

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