[comics] Vertigo PR on Morrison’s ‘The Filth’‘[The Filth is a] twisted super-thriller in which Morrison takes the reader on a psychedelic roller coaster ride through a maelstrom of extra-dimensional espionage, disease pathology, sex and violence, prosthetically-equipped dolphins, indolent nano-technology, co-opted reality and the notion of identity itself. Loaded with febrile imagery and Byzantine plot twists, The Filth is a mind-wrenching journey where nothing is exactly what it seems.’ [via Newsarama]

Vertigo PR on Morrison’s ‘The Filth’

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Come on Darren! That’s not Newsarama on The Filth, that’s DC publicity on The Filth. Although, come to think of it, I’d really can’t remember the last time Newsarama actually had any “news” to report.

You’re right — and I’ve altered it to reflect that.

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