[film] Scott’s Corner — interview / profile of director Ridley Scott‘His mother died at the beginning of this year, aged 96, just before he started filming Black Hawk Down. He says, of course, it affected him, but not like his brother’s death, ‘Because – at 96 – you get into the preparation for the inevitability of the event – even though I was convinced she was going to last till she was 105, actually – she was really tough. I can’t even remember the last time she had a cold. And it was a very simple minor operation – and the operation was successful, but her heart gave up.’ There is just the slightest catch in his voice when he says this, which I imagine is the closest he ever comes to showing emotion. He once said, ‘As an Englishman, I’m aghast at emotional intensity’, and, despite all his years in California, he still hasn’t learnt the first elements of letting it all hang out.’ [Related: Black Hawk Down Trailer]

Ridley Scott Profile / Interview

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