[comics] Cat Yronwode’s website continues to fascinate… The Mojo Car‘As this 2001 picture of the Ford Escort shows, we have progressed greatly in our willingness to abandon functionality for aesthetics. Godzilla is still top and center, but he no longer dismounts — and he is surrounded by other tall items — a Menorah, a Black Pocahontas-like Guardian Angel, the Virgin of Los Lagos, the Statue of Liberty, a head-nodding El Diablo, Merlin with his raven, two large Santas — and a host of smaller figures, including the Devil and his Grandmother, Glinda the Good Witch and the Wicked Witch of the West, large crowns, pyx and chalice, altar boy and altar girl, Buddy Christ, Visnu, Chango Macho, Santissima Muerte, Pikachu, and about a dozen Buddhas’ [Related: Yronwode Bio]

Cat Yronwode’s Website

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hey, cheers, i was just thinking a coupla days ago it’d been a while since i’d checked out….

(hey, why am i the only person who ever posts any commments here?!? :P )

oh yeah, and if you’re interested in that kinda thing, check out art car agency

Anna — The comments facility has only been working correctly for about a month so it’s early days… but thanks for posting and happy New Year.

Anybody reading should check out KookyMojo — Anna’s blog.

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