[war] Broken al-Qaida driven from their last fortress — Another report from Rory McCarthy… this time from Tora Bora. ‘To one side lay a large sheet of American metal marked “Dispenser and bomb, aircraft CBU 87B/B”, the casing for the cluster bomb unit which levelled this ridgeline. A handful of desperate mojahedin soldiers scavenged for scraps of metal among the dozens of unexploded, yellow, cylindrical anti-personnel bomblets scattered across the hillside. On a second sheet of green metal casing nearby an American soldier named Gary had scribbled his own brief marking before loading the cluster bomb into the hold of one of the B-52s. “For those whose dreams were taken,” he wrote, “here are a few nightmares. This is gonna shine like a diamond in a goat’s ass”.’

Guardian Report From Tora Bora

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WTF kind of simile is “shine like a diamond in a goat’s ass”?

While it is a questionable simile, the line makes me smile. It’s a common phrase heard in US military basic training. The drill instructor tells the recruits that a button (or belt buckle, floor, urinal, etc) must “shine like a diamond in a goats ass” in order to pass inspection. I suppose a bomb lighting up the turbans of hapless Al Qaeda members in the night would have a similar effect.

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