[comics] Warren Ellis on Friends Reunited [login required] … ‘Just got back from San Francisco on a speaking gig, narrowly missing 9-11 (decided to head straight home via Chicago instead of heading into NYC to see some people — touched down at Heathrow just as the first airliner hit the WTC).’

Warren Ellis’ Entry On Friends Reunited

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I’ve been thinking about pasting this quote into a FR profile and leaving it at that.

heh. i think you should do it.

it’s weird how FR has gone from being about reuniting friends (a Good Thing, surely?) to bitching about how those people you always hated never did become the great success they threatened, and to suddenly remembering why you had supressed any urges to stay in touch with these people….

which is probably why, although i signed up, i’ve never actually added a profile or looked for anybody i might know…

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