[profile] Leader of the pack — brief profile of American journalist Seymour Hersh‘Why aren’t there more reports like Hersh’s? “I don’t know,” he says. “You know, after September 11 Washington is a very unhappy and increasingly anxious town. We’ve got a very acute strategic problem. When they took out the World Trade Centre we had to get the response right and we didn’t get it right. The word for Washington now is ‘scary’ – it’s impossible not to get something for a story here.”‘ [Related: Escape and Evasion by Hersh]

Profile of Seymour Hersh

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Hersh’s Escape and Evasion is well worth reading. Extract:

‘One Delta Force soldier told a colleague that the planners “think we can perform fucking magic. We can’t. Don’t put us in an environment we weren’t prepared for. Next time, we’re going to lose a company.”‘

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