Superman vs. Muhammad Ali[comics] One of the weirder comics of the 70’s: Superman vs. Muhammad Ali

‘From start to finish, the book is a miniature time-capsule of the era that spawned it. For starters, it sports a wrap-around cover depicting hundreds of late-70s celebrities from the world of pop culture. Entertainment legends like Frank Sinatra and Lucille Ball are easy to spot, but for today’s readers even the “key” inside the front cover may not explain the identities of all the has-been stars. Ron Palillo and Robert Heyges? (Here’s a tip: “Up your nose wit’ a rubber hose!”) Tony Orlando? Wolfman Jack? Trust me, kids, you didn’t miss anything. Sharing “the good seats” with these pop icons are comic book characters like Billy Batson, Hal Jordan, Oliver Queen, Barry Allen and Diana Prince. Little do they know that neaby sit the DC writers and artists who control their destinies (Joe Shuster, Jerry Seigel, Neal Adams, Wally Wood, Cary Bates, Gil Kane, E.Nelson Bridwell). Over there in the front row is something you don’t see every day — President Jimmy Carter sitting next to Sonny Bono and Batman (!).’

Superman vs. Muhammad Ali

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