[ubl] Two views on bin Laden’s aims…

Bin Laden’s Vision Thing ‘…we are dealing with people with long historical memory. Ayman Zawahri, leader of the Egyptian Jihad, stated Sunday that his group “will not tolerate a recurrence of the Andalusia tragedy in Palestine.” (The Andalusia tragedy is the end of Moorish rule in Spain in 1492.) So the World Trade Towers had to come down because some psychopath can’t come to grips with the end of World War I? Basically, yes. In bin Laden’s universe, that was when everything started to go wrong.’

Astute Bin Laden raises the stakes ‘Bin Laden is successfully polarising opinion. He proved tactically astute on Sunday in releasing his video soon after the attack. His videotaped interview was designed to address the three main Arab grievances: the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; Iraqi sanctions; and the presence of US troops in Saudi Arabia. He also referred to America’s atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki as an example of US “world crime”.’

More views on Bin Laden’s Aims…

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