[comment] America’s day of terror [transcript | Audio] … Alastair Cooke on 9-11. ‘I turned on a 24-hour news station and saw a kind of movie I detest of the towering inferno type. The roaring image of a monolith collapsing like a concertina in a vast plume of smoke. And just as I pressed my thumb to switch to the “real world” I caught the familiar voice of a news man and was in the appalling real world of Tuesday 11 September 2001 – a date which to Americans will live in infamy along with the memories of Pearl Harbour – December 7, 1941 – and the grievous day of President Kennedy’s assignation. Before nightfall a famous old United States senator was to call it “the most tragic day in American history” and by that time, numb from the apocalyptic images, no historian was going to question the senator’s definition by bringing up, say, the Civil War and a million dead. But in our time – in my time certainly – the most startling, awful morning I can remember.’

Alastair Cooke on 911

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