[comics] The antique rude show — the Guardian looks at Chris Ware’s Acme Comedy Library‘…Ware’s emotional levers typically pivot not on what is realised or revealed, but on that which is withheld: “You can now make more money than your grandparents did. You can also drive really fast and change your sex. You can find friends without having to go to church, and you can see movies in your own house. You can get pictures of naked people almost anywhere and you can curse out loud freely. You can get your face stretched tight like when it was new, and you can be sick and not die for a really long time. You can even wash your clothes in a machine, so why can’t you figure out a way to be happy all of the time?” (that’s an “advert” for Dr Linn’s Bronchial Wafers.)’

The Guardian on Chris Ware

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