[words fail me] A profile of Nicholas van Hoogstraten. ‘There is a mausoleum in the basement, the only bit we don’t get a tour of because Van Hoogstraten thinks we will poke fun at it. At each stage, he stops to point out a) the quality of the fittings, b) the uselessness of the people who installed them. I ask if he enjoys being aggravated. “I used to,” he says. “Twenty years ago I would go out looking for it, but now I’d rather stay in and watch EastEnders – for God’s sake don’t put that in the Guardian.” Why not, I ask. Would it damage his image? He says: “I only watch it because Leslie Grantham is a friend of mine.”‘ [Sorry for overusing the Guardian — but I cannot resist a profile of Hoogstraten]

Nicholas van Hoogstraten Profile

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