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I've done a bit of consulting for OPi8
Forum, the online community for
OPi8 Magazine - http://www.opi8.com , where I've
done some writing in the past.

The Forum is at:

Aside from generally redesigning the
Forum and writing the owners a bible
on how to run it, I've created a
by-invitation weblog section in it,
and set up a bunch of people to
write in it.  These people are:

*  Sf author Richard Kadrey: seminal
cyberpunk writer, creator of the
Covert Culture Sourcebooks, WIRED
journalist, currently reinventing the
sf short short on infinitematrix.net.

*  Alternative model and actress
Josie Nutter, whom you can find out
about at http://www.josienutter.com

*  Mark Eris, who runs the British
new-dark record label Wasp Factory,
 found at http://www.wasp-factory.com .

*  Writer, artist and musician Celia
Goldberg, gore-fetishist member of
the Canadian art gang Cute Red Newt.

*  Famed conspiracy author and comics
writer Jonathan Vankin, splitting his
time between journalism and forthcoming

*  Writer/photographer Jean Snow,
a Canadian expat in Tokyo.

*  Screenwriter and filmmaker Adi
Tantimedh, talking about his current
project in New York.

Still to come, a log by webdesigner,
body-modification fiend and digital
girl Sabina Ex Machina.

if you think blogs are basically just
guys talking about how they have no
friends, you need to read these.
Actual content by people with lives.

-- W