Time Travel Spam Example

From: muaddib@bahn.de
To: darren.sxxxxxxxx@xxx.xx.xx
Subject: Dimensional Warp Generator Needed snt  s
Date: Tue, 02 Sep 03 02:17:50 GMT
Return-Path: muaddib@bahn.de

I'm a time traveler stuck here in 2003. Since nobody here seems to be
able to get me what I need (safely here to me), I will have to build a
simple time travel circuit to get where I need myself. I am going to
need an easy to follow picture diagram for a simple time travel circut,
which can be built out of (readily available) parts here in 2003. Please
email me any schematics you have. I will pay good money for anything you
send me I can use. Or if you have the rechargeable AMD dimensional warp
generator wrist watch unit available, and are 100% certain you have a
(secure) means of delivering it to me please also reply. Send a separate
email to me at: webmaster@custompaintshop.net. Do not reply back
directly to this email as it will only be bounced back to you. 

Thank You
Brian Appel

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