Spouses Disunited – When Friends Reunited Goes Bad…

Spouses Disunited...

Samantha ******

None of you will know me. I am married (but not for much longer) to the piece of shit called DAVID ******* who some of you may know went to Beauchamp College and lived in Thurnby. Until recently he had his details on this site, accompanied with a photograph of himself, which was an extremely good likeness of the ugly twat.

Unfortunately none of you will now be able to look at his photo because he has deleted all his details as he is embarrassed to admit that on 5th January 2002 he deleted his wife and 9 year old daughter out of his life when he met a hoar called CLAUDIA *******, just before Christmas and began shagging the slag while his wife and daughter were out shopping for Christmas presents.

Some of you may know CLAUDIA (most of you will have shagged her at some point – we’ll call her HOARDIA from here on in) she lives at * ********* CLOSE, ******, LEICESTER, LE* *** – her telephone number if you want a very bad but free blow-job is 01162 ******. She threw her own husband out in October 2001, has Multiple Sclerosis and three children, but that didn’t stop her fucking my husband by November 2001, while I was at work and our daughter was at a childminders.

Anyway, they continued to lie to everybody until recently when they confessed they had infact been fucking one another over Christmas and New Year (nice!), which I am sure is a time of year that my daughter and I will come to celebrate twice as much as before, because we are finally free of the cocksucking, motherfucking, lying, bastard and his fat, thick, boss-eyed, ugly, (bad hair colour) disease ridden hoar – who fancies her chances going twelve rounds with him when he loses his temper….good luck to yer girl – I hope he whacks you one while the flesh is falling off your bones like well cooked chicken.

Good ridance to total shit!