May 10, 2000
[ken4london] Livingstone and Labour close to compromise deal reports newsUnlimited.
[my inner turmoil] Do you think your friends, family and colleagues hate you? You can tell! The most common means of doing so were: being reserved by avoiding all intimate topics of conversation; not asking questions, so as to speed up any interaction; treating the other person as a stranger; physically avoiding them; not paying attention to them; and showing excessive politeness. [from newsUnlimited]
May 9, 2000
[tech support] It was a bad weekend for technical Support team at Australia’s federal trade commission, Austrade after the ILOVEYOU virus was released last week….
[comics] Entire run of The Invisibles available on Ebay.
[conspiracy?] Has anybody noticed that the Doctor from UFO looks just like the Russian President Vladimir Putin?
May 8, 2000
[weblogs] Interview with Jorn BargerPortrait Of The Blogger As A Young Man . “I try to make it my ethic that whenever I see something that I enjoy, I don’t filter. You know, if it’s some silly thing about a TV commercial, I won’t say, well, that’s too frivolous.”
[uk weblogs] UK weblogs I’m currently eyeballing: Blue Lines, not so Soft, SK, Vavatch Orbital and Nutlog along with the old stalwards: Barbelith and The Daily Doozer.
[internet] BBC News looks at’s prospects — competition from Microsoft Napster and Shoutcast seem to be the main problems!
[books] booksUnlimited interviews Martin Amis. [Text Only]
[weblogs] USS Catastrophe — a weblog about comics…
May 7, 2000
[web] I’ve been trying to find the best on-line bookmark manager on the web — blink seems to be the best of the bunch (at least for me).
[film] Two interesting links on Kubrick: filmUnlimited looks at Speilberg directing Kubrick’s AI and an interesting website on The Unknown Kubrick — his photography for Look magazine.
[weblogs] Dave goes nuclear on WinerLog. [Update 19.00pm: There’s an interesting thread on Metafilter about WinerLog]
[ken4london] newsUnlimited has an interview with Ken Livingstone — the new mayor of London. “It suddenly dawns on you that all those people have gone out and voted for you, and it was overwhelming and incredibly humbling, and I hadn’t expected to have that feeling…”
May 6, 2000
[news] two random, unconnected (but interesting!) links from BBC News: Net sex addiction on the rise and Author [Stephen] King feeling better [after nasty car accident last year].
[games] Midway release many emulated arcade classics on to the net using [via Slashdot] I’ve been using Mame for years… but using Shockwave to emulate arcade games? Pretty impressive!
[comics] Shit! People are still worrying if Dave Sim is a misogynist or not! “If you look at her and see anything besides emptiness, fear and emotional hunger, you are looking at the parts of yourself which have been consumed to that point.”Dave Sim. If you’re interested check out for more details on Sim’s comic….
[dna] newsUnlimited has a good overview of the race to decode the human genome. Beneath the venom towards Venter lies another human emotion – fear. “Everyone is frightened of losing,” said a senior scientist from the Pasteur Institute. “The human genome is only going to be sequenced once and it will never need to be done again. There are Nobel prizes riding on this. It’s a big, big prize and it’s technology driven. Craig is in cahoots with the American makers of the DNA sequencers we all use. He is also a self-aggrandising pain in the arse.”
[mayor for london] BBC News has a picture gallery of the election for London mayor.
May 5, 2000
[mp3] “The Man” is watching you if you’re using GnutellaStarting as early as this morning, most gnutella searches also turned up the file “The RIAA is watching you” 0 bytes. If this file is actually being put out by the RIAA remains unknown. This could be a prank, but could very easily be the real deal.
[history] newsUnlimited asks: Did Britain poison Napoleon? [Text Only] …when his remains were brought back to France in 1840 prior to ceremonial burial in Les Invalides, his body appeared perfectly preserved. At the time it was seen as a miracle. Today scientists say the phenomenon is symptomatic of arsenic poisoning.
[mayor for london] “If the Archangel Gabriel had stood with the name Winston Churchill, Ken would still have won.” — Jeffrey Archer. So what does a London mayor do anyway?
[comics] Grant Morrison posts on Nexus: ‘Imagination is the Fuel of the 21st Century. I’ll be right here on and off for the rest of the week at least. Ready to start fucking with the future, padre?’
[mayor for london] The results of the London Mayor election have been held up by “dust in the air”. Did they get British Rail into count the votes? [Updated 12.27pm] Anyway — Ken wins.
May 4, 2000
[MP3] The Register points out that the phrase MP3 has been sprayed on statues and walls in Whitehall after the Mayday protest: ‘Quite why these hardened anarchists and eco-twats felt the need to paint a computer format alongside cries for revolution is unclear – is this the first sign of an internet generation, lost and disillusioned and unable to function without a keyboard, crying out for attention? Who cares.’
[virus] When I’m not blogging I do Tech Support… anyway this morning we’ve been swamped with copies of the “ILoveyou” virus. Don’t open any attachments from emails with the subject: ILoveyou UPDATED: BBC News report, it looks like it’s happening all over the place….
[mayor for london] It’s voting day in London. I voted at 7.00 o’clock this morning on the way to work… Here’s a couple of reports from BBC News and newsUnlimited… newsUnlimited is also reporting that a “virtual poll” has Livingstone winning cleanly in the first round.
May 3, 2000
[weblogs] British blogs are discussing the vandalism of the cenotaph. Check out: kitschbitch, Barbelith and Blue Lines.
[mayor for london] Susan Kramer sent me a postcard today…. and asked me to download a song called Follow in my footsteps by Sarah Gillies. God knows why…