Grant Morrison Posting on the Barbelith Underground

Today's biggest laugh: Tony Blair tightening his ghastly Thelemite lips
and calling for more police powers to stop appalling crimes against
decency like yesterday's defacing of inert chunks of marble and bronze.
The man who dropped a megatonnage of bombs on the people of Eastern
europe just to make a point is suddenly shocked when people follow his
problem-solving lead. 

This is Grant on Radio Free Scotland. Thanks for all the kind words and
I'm glad almost everyone enjoyed the series and the conclusion. I had a
very unusual time writing that comic. I'll answer some questions here if
they seem relevant but I'm more interested in seeing where we can all go
now. The comic was a way of sending out a signal and its work is now
done. As seductive as it seems, we should not unite under banners or
slogans or blank badges of any kind. Study BSE and imitate the action of
the new and deadly pathgogens which invade and destroy the host without
the immune system recognising any danger. 

Imagination is the Fuel of the 21st Century. I'll be right here on and
off for the rest of the week at least. Ready to start fucking with the
future, padre?